About Us

At the beginning

Track Protection Australia commenced trading on the 13th of October 2019 with 2 Track Force Protection Coordinators on the Hurstbridge Line with Urban Maintenance Service. During the Company's first year of trade, the workforce grew to 60+ strong with 2 major projects and regular maintenance work.

Build, grow and maintain

2020 to 2022 the business ensured that the use of modern systems and a different industry business approach was taken to ensure sustainable growth was monitored with forecasting leading the accuracy for numbers required for clients.

At Present

Today Track Protection Australia has 341 staff nationally with the bulk of it workforce operating out of Victoria. It has built its backend comprising of 7 ISO certifications along with accrediations with ONSR using systems and programs to streamline clunky outdated manual systems. TPA today is operating on Major Projects within the State of Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia and is able to do so with a people first approach as its leading perogative for culture within the business.