Track Protection Australia

At Track Protection Australia we are renown for specialising in Safeworking, we understand our client's needs for an end-to-end service. We offer an array of services inclusive but not limited to planning, advisory, consulting, and specialised professional services on track.

Who is Track Protection Australia

Track Protection Australia (TPA) commenced trading on the 13th of October 2019 to aid the ever-growing Australian rail industry. TPA are committed to developing and introducing new project management ideas and methods to increase the safety and efficiency of works throughout the safeworking industry.

Work With Us

What we believe in

Why we are here really matters to us. Keeping people safe is at the heart of everything we do every day. We ensure, through careful access planning and strategic implementation, that our clients rail corridor works proceed in a most efficient and safe manner in full compliance with network operator's rules and procedures.

We think deeply about what we do and how it affects communities regionally. We push boundaries and innovate, gain trust through our actions, and whatever the project, we're in it for the long term.

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Our Strategy

We strive towards being a safe, sustainable and market leading business, focused on four priorities; customer experience, employee experience, strengths in our capability, and working with the rail operators to find the best solutions for all stakeholders.

What we believe in

We are a safety focussed organisation with our eyes set on creating solutions for the long term. Our values drive a high-performance culture with a strong sense of heart.

Our Leadership

Our drive to make a difference is led by a team of experts with extensive national experience. They're committed to delivering great outcomes for customers, and care deeply about creating positive social impact.

Our values enable us to walk the talk

They represent our commitment to being a future-fit company that has the right expertise and attitude to make a meaningful difference.


We think deeply about our what we do and how it affects lives every day.


We gain trust through action.


Out of the box thinking, we push the boundaries to strategically assess the risk and better the process.

Future Focused

We take our lessons and move them to the next project, ensuring continual safety improvement.

A solid compliance framework underpins the resilience and integrity of our business

We are committed to ensuring our systems, policies and procedures reflect a high standard of corporate governance and compliance. We prioritise integrity, ethics and transparency in the way we conduct ourselves to ensure the best outcomes for customers, communities, operators and our people. Our compliance system and business Code of Conduct ensures that we:

  • always comply with the law
  • uphold proper and ethical business practices
  • are accountable for the decisions we make to the community, customers, government and our parent company
  • use resources responsibly and efficiently

Read the sections below for more details of our corporate governance framework.


Track Protection Australia currently fall under the below ISO accreditations to ensure we have the correct processes and policies to mitigate risk within ours, and our client's business.

ISO 45001:2018Occupational Health and Safety
ISO 9001:2015Quality Management
ISO 14001:2019Enviromental Management
ISO 31000:2018Risk Management
ISO 20400:2017Sustainable Procurement
ISO 27001:2013Information Security Management
ISO30411:2018Human Resource Management
ONSRRail Industry RSO Accreditation